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Tai Chi Yukon offers courses for all levels, from beginner onward! 

Our SCHEDULE for the 2023-24 season is listed below.
We will begin taking registrations and fees on Monday, August 28.
If you have questions or wish to reserve a space, contact the instructor directly.

Space may be limited.


*Pre-register by contacting individual instructors directly.*


Our current schedule can be viewed by clicking here

To see descriptions of the various classes we offer, click here.

To download a copy of the registration form click here.

Evening Courses: Various Locations

Registration and Fees: 

All class participants pay an annual membership fee of $10. Class fees are $10 per hour. Check with the individual instructors for more details.

Discount Eligibility: For those registering for more than one class in a semester, the 2nd and additional classes are ½ price. All classes for full-time secondary and post-secondary students, as well as seniors (+65 yrs.), are ½ price.

Morning Classes: Golden Age Centre  

Due to limitations on numbers of participants, previous students are offered first choice for the Golden Age classes.

Registration and Fees:

Tai Chi Yukon offers free class instruction, but a $10 annual membership is required.

The Golden Age Centre welcomes people 55 years of age or older. The Golden Age Society charges participants a small fee for use of the facility. Golden Age Society membership is optional. Contact the instructor for more details.

Morning Class: Heart of Riverdale

This class is open to all ages for the same fees as our evening classes.


Scroll down the chart below to see the classes planned for the Winter Semester.

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