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TCY Update: May 2024


In our 35th year, Tai Chi Yukon is thriving! We have over 90 registered students attending beginner and continuing classes. Jo-Ann Gates and Jill Johnstone have also been leading outreach classes at various continuing care facilities. After coaching from chief instructor Pam Boyde, a group performed the fan form at the annual Chinese New Year gala to great acclaim. We had a table at the City of Whitehorse Rec Expo along with many other groups. 

Our instructors continue their own studies. Earlier this year, Pam Boyde and Alison Conant travelled to the Seattle area to take a push hands seminar with Grandmaster Yang Jun. There are plans to attend other seminars over the summer and fall.

We gladly nominated Jo-Ann Gates as a City of Whitehorse volunteer of the year, recognizing her many contributions as a teacher, organizer, and community builder. The City hosted a dinner for all the nominees who work hard to make our world a better place.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day was most special in our 20th year of participating in this worldwide event. On a sparkly morning, over 50 people gathered by the Yukon River to breathe, stretch, and experience the flow of qi around the planet. This was followed by tea, the famous yin yang cookies, and socializing. We now look forward to warmer weather and outdoor practice.

_DSC9412 Tai Chi Yukon April 27, 2024.jpg

Marina and Judy at the TCY table and display at the City Rec Expo in April. 


Alison, Jo-Ann and Robin created the famous yin yang cookies for World TCQ Day.


The sabre demonstration. 

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