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TCY Update: December 2023


Classes ended in May but TCY had a full summer with our weekly practice on the wharf, often attracting visitors from afar, the annual practice day at Phoenix Dojo, and spending a fun day with Jill Johnstone learning to tie-dye TCY tote bags. And oh yes, we were proud to award jie rankings to five of our students, confirming the high standard of our teaching and practice.


Chief Instructor Pam Boyde spent several evenings guiding us through the 49 form which was then videoed by the Yukon River during an epic thunder and lightning storm. This was our contribution to mark the birthday of our late grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo. A few months later, we marked the third anniversary of his death, and official end of the mourning period, with a candle lighting ceremony. 

Our AGM on November 18 featured an "Energize Your Tai Chi" workshop. Students rotated through four different stations to experience the eight energies as exemplified in various movements and with sabre. Our four instructors received much positive feedback. The AGM meeting finished on a high note with a tribute to long-time instructor and board member Jo-Ann Gates. We owe her so much and since the meeting happened on her birthday, we could celebrate with a magnificent cake. Congratulations to the new and returning board members, see their names at the bottom of the About Us page. 


Soggy but triumphant, completing 49 form in rainstorm!


Many thanks to all the fine people who organized, led, and attended our AGM workshop and meeting.

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