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Important Notice re Fall Classes

According to current information, Tai Chi Yukon evening classes in three school facilities will begin November 23. Due to limited class sizes, we are sending out notifications to current members before opening these classes to others. See the Schedule page for details.

Golden Age classes have resumed and are now filled. Due to the limited size of the practice room, we had to limit number of students and are offering first refusal to students previously taking those classes. 

 Given that tai chi is an excellent way to reduce stress and boost immunity, we feel that it’s more important than ever that people be encouraged to continue or begin regular tai chi practice. There are several excellent online resources to help with your own practice.

Practice Resources Online

There are excellent videos being posted on YouTube that can help with your practice as part of the Yang Family Covid-19 Wellness Campaign. Click on underlined text to see Grandmaster Yang Jun demonstrating a series of wellness exercises.


In the Fighting Covid-19 videos, you can see instructors from around the world teaching one of the key tai chi movements in their own languages. Click here.

More Yang Family lessons will be posted, a number of which will be live-streamed. Our thanks to Chief Instructor Pam Boyde who has been doing a great job coordinating this international campaign on behalf of the Yang Family.

Yang Family Virtual Classroom

The Yang Family Tai Chi organization is launching a new way to take classes with senior instructors from around the world. These courses will cover a range of subjects from tai chi chuan form, theory, principles and philosophy.

Click here to check the YFTC website for more information on these inaugural Virtual Classroom courses and to register. 

Facebook Page

TCY also hosts a Facebook page. Feel free to visit for regular updates, interesting links, and other items of interest. Just click the little "f" glyph at the bottom right of this page.


Raven Recycling Fundraising Account

We welcome donations to the TCY account at Raven Recycling. These funds help us put on future special events.


Chinese New Year celebration, 2014.

Peter White photo, courtesy of Chinese Canadian Association of Yukon.

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