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Tai Chi Tune-up Workshop: Section 1, Traditional Form

To kick off our fall session of tai chi classes, Chief Instructor Pam Boyde will be leading a one-day workshop to explore the first section of the Traditional Form. This is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn the fundamentals of tai chi and, for experienced players, to more deeply understand the principles and applications of the form.



  Date                 Sunday, September 11

  Location          Holy Family School, Porter Creek

  Times               9:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm

  Cost                 $50

To register, contact 

Practice Resources Online

There are excellent videos being posted on YouTube that can help with your practice as part of the Yang Family Wellness Campaign. Click on the underlined text to see Grandmaster Yang Jun demonstrating a series of wellness exercises.


There are many videos on the Yang Family Tai Chi YouTube channel on the theory and principles of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan that you can find by clicking here and here.

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We welcome donations to the TCY account at Raven Recycling. These funds help us put on future special events.



Chinese New Year celebration, 2014.

Peter White photo, courtesy of Chinese Canadian Association of Yukon.